Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Zach Anner Becomes A (Well-Deserved) Overnight Celebrity

Last night, on the way to my ill-fated gig at Penuche's in Concord, my car broke down. And now it might be toast, as in permanently. I won't be making it to Manchester this Wednesday, and it'll be by the skin of my crooked teeth if I make it to Auburn this Friday.

I started to feel bad for myself, but then I saw a video that cheered me up. It was Zach Anner's audition tape for some Oprah contest, and honestly, it cracked me up. I genuinely laughed, he has a very funny personality, and is very easy to watch. Here is his audition video:

He wants to create a travel show for people with travel horror stories, a show unlike the ones you see on The Travel Channel where everything is so gorgeous and pristine and Bono drops by just to hang. (I stole Zach's joke.)

Since Zach posted that video, he's taken off like wildfire. John Mayer (my hero) posted the audition on his blog, and many other outlets have followed suit. Zach thanks them all in this video:

John Mayer was so delighted by this that he offered to write the theme song to the eventual show. Everyone should click here to vote for Zach's video and hopefully we can see this kid on TV sometime soon. (FUCK DR. PHYLLIS.)

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