Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Comedy Marathon! Five Nights of Stand Up This Week!

Hey guys! This week is gonna be crazy! I'm gonna break down all five of the places I'm performing this week in this blog post.

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First, I want to let you know I'm going to watch a show at The ImprovBoston tonight, and if you show up there at 6:30, you can buy tickets to see improv group Friends of Gertrude and stand up comedian Matt Kona, among others.

Here's a video of Friends of Gertrude performing!

They're all awesome and you should come out tonight. I will be front and center, relaxing and enjoying shit.

Okay, show rundown time!

June 14th - Punchlines At Penuche's, 8:30pm

Free show at Penuche's Ale House in Concord, NH. See this cool article about the place.

June 15th - Corner Comedy at The Middle East, 10pm

An open mic in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

June 18th - Nick & Brad's Open Mic at the Shaskeen in Manchester, NH, 9pm

A really cool open mic that awards $50 to the audience's favorite comedian each week. Look at this article about them.

June 17th - Dick's Comedy Vault at Remington's, 8:30pm

I will be competing in the second annual Beantown Comedy Riots, an amateur competition with an $800 grand prize and $50 for first place each round. Come and watch me kick some ass! Tickets are $10.

June 18th - American Legion Post 153: Auburn, ME, 8pm

Way up in Auburn, ME. It's going to be a longer set and it's going to be taped so if the show is good, I might have some quality audio on my hands.

As always, if you want to know any more details or would like help getting there, contact me through Facebook, Twitter, or my email: JUSTINPDREW at AOL dot COM.

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Upcoming Shows!

Upcoming Shows
get this portable calendar at

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