Monday, June 21, 2010

Five More Comedians You'll Love

Instead of making this an all-week thing (I'm lazy!), I'm going to highlight five more comedians right here that you should check out.

Of all the Comedy Central Presents specials that have ever aired, my brother recently decided that Dan Cummins' episode from a couple years ago is his favorite. And that's good enough for me. His humor is very off-the-wall and just a touch sadistic, and his habit of naming his bits after the fact just keeps getting funnier and funnier.
Dan Cummins - Helping the Homeless
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John Mulaney - Blackouts
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He has the voice and personality of a radio announcer from the Roaring 20's, and the looks of a small, frail boy. He writes for SNL, and used to be a regular on Best Week Ever. His humor is very clever, and he has a very old school comedy style with a modern day sarcasm. He also has written one of my all-time favorite comedy bits, here in its extended album version:

Not only is he darkly funny, but he is, no joke, a piano virtuoso. He's also a pretty damn good poet. He's not that popular in the US yet, but for the love of sweet chocolatey Christ, people, get on this bandwagon. He's way funnier than the Mighty Boosh guys (this is coming from a Boosh fan, by the way.) Just a warning: He has a dark side.
Iliza Shlesinger - Physical Indicators
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She won Last Comic Standing in 2008, and is very hot. She has a crazy, out-of-bounds style about her that sets her ahead of the female comedy pack (unless we're talking about Maria Bamford, who is still lightyears ahead of most comedians.) Her material is all at once smart and quirky, and she's hot. Wicked hot. So hot.
Iliza Shlesinger - Something Happened
Futurama New EpisodesUgly AmericansFunny TV Comedy Blog

The only male comic on this list that's hotter than Iliza Shlesinger, and the only one on this list that I know personally. Ray just won the Portland, Maine Comedy Connection's Funniest Professional contest (the same contest I advanced to the semifinals in) and got a thousand bucks for being funny. He also does very hilarious, very very offensive videos:

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