Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Swagger, sw-sw-Swagger, sw-Swagger of a Cripple!

The rapper named Spizzy Spose is really Ryan Peters from Wells, Maine. Last fall, he recorded the funny song "I'm Awesome" and stuck it on his and Cam Groves' mixtape, "We Smoked It All." And that shit took off.

Local Maine rock station WCYY played it nonstop, which started a chain reaction that spread like wildfire across the country. He's getting spins in the following places: (and this isn't market research, these are people I've met saying they heard it on the radio!) California, Texas, Connecticut, Colorado?!?! Seriously? A rap song with lyrics about serving lobster rolls in Wells, Maine has developed this kind of following? As of this writing, it is #37 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Spose is now signed with Universal Republic. I'm Awesome is taking off like a rocket, and hopefully Peters can turn this song's hype into an Eminem-level recording career. If not, then just release a major label album and come back to Maine where we'll always love you, no matter what.

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