Friday, April 30, 2010

A Note On Joke Thieves

Patton Oswalt just wrote a blog post about how he was joke-thieved by a man named Nick Madson.

In the blog, he posts several videos of Madson's performance (in front of what sounds like a tiny ass crowd) that features literally word-for-word Patton Oswalt bits, including a couple that I know by heart. And hearing them bastardized by this asshole is disheartening.

Patton does note that this douche is clearly not going anywhere with his material (although, he did claim that he wrote comedy for the likes of Patton Oswalt, Louis CK, and Dave Attell, and thus owned their jokes.) Patton then vaguely references Ned Holness (better known as Carlos Mencia) as someone that steals jokes and then puts them on national television.

Here is a video of Joe Rogan ruining Carlos' shit.

As someone that is literally just starting, it's scary to see people like this for multiple reasons. First, it's well known that certain comedians will visit comedy clubs where newbies perform and cull their sets for the best jokes. Not that I'm worried that A, my material is good enough to be stolen (Hilda Crunch is my ugly baby, forever and always!) or B, that some poor motherfucker in Portland, Maine, is going to rip off my jokes.

But someday, if (WHEN, DAMMIT) I get to Los Angeles, and my material improves, losing my blood, sweat, and hard work that are the shitty jokes I write to some asshole would crush me.

And secondly, I could be Nick Madson. I know enough of Patton's material by heart, and have quoted it along with friends and family members. It's scary to watch somebody doing that, it's like watching someone steal or give blowjobs for money. The lowest of the low. I pray I never get that low, that I feel I need to rip off my idols just to make money. And I wouldn't, because as Nick Madson proved, no one can do Patton better than Patton.

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