Friday, March 13, 2009

Bittersweet (poetry?)

A couple nights ago, I taped myself performing two of my poems in front of Scotty and Matt. They went fairly well, I know what I'm good at and where I need to improve (one thing I do is a move called the Weeble Wobble, where I pivet from right foot to left to right to left to right and on and on forever. If you watch the video, make sure you've taken your epilepsy medication because the small flash of black as I move back and forth across the screen like you're looking at me with one eye closed and constantly switching eyes, closing one at the exact moment you're opening the other, is probably going to fuck with your head.)

Also, I'm not posting either of the videos. Yet. I want to wait, there are too many improvements to make before anyone else sees. I can see myself becoming something great (see below) but it's a long road and negative criticism is something I can only take from myself right now and no one else. Trust me, I'm very good at pointing out my faults.

I also have been watching shyteloads of spoken word videos on the internet, and I want to know if there's anyone awesome that I'm missing. Matt turned me on to Taylor Mali who, oh my fucking head, is like the end-all be-all right now. He's one level I'm aspiring to. Another is Mike McGee. People who aren't just funny, but can make you think, make you wonder, cause a wave of emotions to sweep over you--all in one single poem. Below are a couple of my favorite videos. I aspire to be this.

Do you know any poets that I would like?

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