Monday, July 19, 2010

The Rest Of The Summer Shows

I haven't posted in awhile, because working full-time is killing my soul.

But, if you (or any one of the twenty people that Google tells me actually reads my blog) need your Justin P. Drew fix real bad, I am booked at various venues in three states this summer.

Here is a handy tool I use to make sure I remember:

Upcoming Shows
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Here's some info about each one of them!

The Burren, Wednesday, July 21st 10pm

This Wednesday, I will be in a contest at The Burren in Somerville. Show up and help me win fifty bucks! It's free!

Punchlines at Penuche's, Monday, July 21st 8:30pm

I am HOSTING a free comedy show in Concord. I'll be doing my regular bits plus old stuff and new stuff...
It's also part open mic and you should contact me for info how you (yes YOU) can get on that night. It's gonna be off the hizzle.

The Portland Comedy Connection, Thursday, August 5th 8:30pm

I am doing five minutes in a showcase in Portland, Maine, the town I started my comedy career in. Aww, nostalgia. Tickets are probably $5, maybe $8. I don't feel like double-checking.

The Gas @ Great Scott, Friday, August 6th 7:30pm

I am part of the Friday night comedy show at The Great Scott in Allston, Massachusetts, in a suburb of Boston. Tickets are $5.

ImprovBoston Open Comedy Jam, Sunday, August 8th 7pm

I am once again part of the Open Comedy Jam at 7pm at the ImprovBoston in Cambridge. Tickets are $5.

The Winner's Circle, Tuesday, August 10th 8pm

The Winner's Circle in Salisbury, Massachusetts, does a weekly booked show, and popular performers such as Juston McKinney sometimes show up. It's free! And it's taped! So there can be a Youtube video out there with YOUR laughter at MY jokes!

Boynton's Taproom, Friday, August 13th 8pm

Yes, a Friday the 13th show. Holy shit! It's a contest in Manchester, NH. All you have to do is tell the people at the door MY name and you get in free!

I'm going back to IB to do their weekly Stand Up Showcase! $10, it's gonna be awesome.

If you need additional info or want to know how you or a friend can also get booked at any one of these, email me at JUSTINPDREW at AOL dot COM.

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Upcoming Shows!

Upcoming Shows
get this portable calendar at

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